Hire Equipment

At Rapid Care Mobility we understand that equipment hire is a great option for many of our customers. Customers of Rapid Care Mobility enjoy access to the largest, modern fleet of rental equipment. 

The Rapid Care Mobility rental equipment pool is maintained through our quality standard processes, with all equipment undertaking rigorous detail cleaning and maintenance prior to being delivered.

The use of walking equipment can assist you by improving balance, stability and confidence in walking as well as assisting with general weakness in your legs. It is important that the correct walking aid is selected to suit the users individual abilities and personal requirements. It is best to seek advice from a qualified health professional when selecting, fitting and learning about the correct use of any walking aid. Different walking aids need to be assessed for different people depending on their height and weight as well as their environment and mobility requirements. A good sturdy walking stick may be perfect if you require minimum balance support. Walkers are designed to allow the user to walk and sit down to rest safely, comfortably and independently.

Mobility scooters provide mobility to assist people to access their community. People who have recently given up driving and have difficulty walking long distances will find an electric powered scooter very useful. There are numerous styles and brands of powered scooters available including four wheeled scooters, three wheeled scooters and small compact scooters. Some small powered scooters can disassemble or fold up to be put into the boot of a car. Others are large and robust with the suspension and battery life to travel long distances. When selecting a powered scooter the type of seating, controls, ignition, speed and battery capacity and types of accessories available can vary depending on the particular brands.

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