Birdie Compact 150 Hoist

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Transportability and patient comfort go hand-in-hand. With maximum space for the user, both the Invacare Birdie and the Birdie Compact offer a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor.

The Birdie Compact takes up minimal space when stored reducing clutter in confined spaces. When space is limited, the Birdie Compact can even be stored upright.



        TÜV-certification for maximum security: 

        4 Point Spreader Bar

        Weighing Device

        Pivot Frame

                                  The Birdie Compact is CE-certified in line with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/ECC. To ensure the Birdie Compact complies with AS 10535.2002 (the Australian standard for hoists) the lifter has been rigorously tested both by Invacare and the German TÜV institute, an accredited external body.

                                  The Birdie Compact is only 55cm wide making it the only lifter that is TÜV certified and is this narrow - unique to the market. The ergonomically designed push bar allows the carer to position their hands comfortably when moving the lifter, reducing the likelihood of strain. The 100mm smoothing rolling castors make it easy to push and pull the lifter, reducing the force required to manoeuvre.

                                  Configured to user needs: 

                                  Users can enjoy maximum flexibility with a range of spreader bars and a very comfortable sling range, which allows for individual adjustment of the transfer. The new quick release attachment system makes configuration.

                                  Only 53cm wide making it the only TUV certified lifter that is this narrow – unique to the market

                                  Simple to fold, unfold & dismantle without tools

                                  When space is limited, the Birdie Compact can even be stored upright

                                  Full range of comfort slings available for use with the Birdie Compact

                                  Comes standard with 2 point spreader bar, manual leg adjustment handle & internal charging.



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