Airmonte Alternating Overlay

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The Airmonte mattress range embodies elevated levels in powered patient pressure care.  Used and trusted in care facilities across Australia, the Airmonte provides a high standard and consistency of care, with a flawless, easy to operate advanced design at excellent value.

Key clinical requirements including adjustable cell pressure, alternating/static modes, adjustable comfort level, low air loss, quick-release CPR valves, quality componentry, effortless operation and easy maintenance ensures effectiveness and comfort for patients and support for carers.

The Forte Airmonte range includes a Full Alternating Mattress Replacement System and an Alternating Overlay both with unique features for confident usage i hospital and aged care environments.

Alternating Cell Construction

  • 17 interchangeable alternating cells providing excellent pressure re-distribution
  • Patient is supported constantly, simultaneously allowing oxygen flow to all critical areas, preventing and/or healing pressure sores
  • Height of mattress (20.3cm) allows maximum patient immersion for effectiveness and comfort
  • Incorporated foam base removes the need for a separate mattress underneath, providing an all-in-one cost effective pressure care system
  • Strengthened TPU construction maintains mattress integrity for longevity and consistency of patient care
  • Light overall weight (9kg) allows ease of set-up and transportation
  • High flexibility provides seamless conformity to varied bed positions

Premium Pressure Care Cover

  • Multi-Stretch Pressure Care Fabric minimises shear and facilitates immersion of pressure points into air cells
  • Full vapour permeability wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Anti-Microbial, waterproof and resistant to body fluids
  • Integrated full zip

Quality Ergonomic Pump Unit

  • Styling is compact and efficient, ergonomically designed with an easy to operate panel
  • Quality componentry with skilled manufacturing means consistently reliable care

Pump Control Panel Functions

  • Cell pressure auto-adjusts to exactly suit patient, providing specialised pressure care
  • Cycle time variable - 10, 15, 20, 25 mins
  • Comfort level adjustable and auto-firm inflation
  • Alternating/static option
  • Auto-adjust seat function for stability when patients are sitting or changing
  • Automatically controls mattress low air-loss feature, removing internal heat entrapment and patient perspiration
  • Low pressure indication & power failure alert
  • Panel lock facility

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